Pre-Season Inspection


Stateline Turf & Tractor Inc
7341 Hacks Cross Rd
Olive Branch, MS

Service Description

Get your mower in for its pre-season inspection now! Our certified technicians will perform a 21 point inspection on your machine for as little as $75 and notify you of any parts or services that need to be performed. The following items will be inspected on your machine:

Check engine oil & filter

Check air filter

Check fuel filter

Check and inspect spark plugs

Check cooling fan

Check battery and charging system

Check tire pressure and tire condition

Check steering system

Check front axle

Check mower deck spindles (2-3)

Deck Belt

Idlers and pulley system on deck

Inspect mower blades

Inspect under side of mower deck & mulch kit if applicable

Check to ensure mower deck is level

Check traction drive belt

Check traction drive pulley and idlers

Check transmission sheave and cooling fan

Inspect safety switch connections

Inspect engine for oil leaks

Inspect fuel system for fuel leaks